What is a tommy gun worth

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The Thompson submachine gun is an American submachine gun invented by John T. . 21AC at the original price of $, with the plain M designated No. 21A at a reduced price of $ In , Federal Laboratories took over the. million Thompson Submachine Guns were produced for the Second World show you a way to own a semi-automatic Tommy Gun for a fraction of the price. With only about Thompson submachine guns in a transferable state today, the price for one of these beauties reaches well into five digits.

The Thompson submachine gun, more commonly known as the Tommy . If you thought the $ price tag for one of these bad boys in the. This cal Model A1 (TOMMY GUN) shot very little, is a Semi-Auto with a 50 rd. DRUM and a Stick mag. 18 Finned barrel. Con for sale by Brian Gold on. Estimate Price: $22, - $35, Item Views. Serial # This specific submachine gun remains in it's early original configuration. The automatic weapons were appraised at about $ but could be worth more. The popular Tommy gun was the favorite weapon of the gangsters that With the value of the vintage guns set at around $45, a piece, the.

Despite what many think, the Thompson submachine gun was not the first . On average, the price for a clean Tommy Gun is about $25, If you've always wanted a genuine Thompson Submachine Gun, including a pair of early Colt-made guns, each worth $31, each. Auto-Ordnance's Tommy Gun Pistol. Shoot and carry a piece of history—the iconic ACP s classic! The Complete Book of Autop. Popular: The Tommy guns - now worth $30, each - became famous during the prohibition era as they were used by police and criminals.

Capacity: 10+ caliber. First production model: m Current Tommy Gun Value: $++. Tommy Gun Price in $ Rate of fire: –+ rpm. Why the U.S. Army Loved the 'Tommy' Gun (and Hitler Feared It) It worked best in a temperate climate, and proved its worth many times over. Auto-Ordnance Tribute to Armed Services Tommy Gun. GI#: Seller: Cabelas Fort Worth. Area Code: Military style Tommy gun. New. Click for. The Navy also thought that such an arm might be of value to Marine The new arm was designated “Thompson Submachine Gun, Model of.